Feel the sustainability in a hotel in Calella

When sustainability becomes part of the story

At Neptuno Hotel & Spa, we have incorporated environmental, social sustainability, and good governance as pioneers in Calella.

Committed to excellence from the very beginning, we aim to continue being a benchmark in sustainability among hotels in Calella, contributing value to the community and ensuring the well-being of future generations. To achieve this, we work on sustainability in three main areas:
We link our actions to the global framework of the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, which provide us with a clear roadmap and allow us to measure the degree of compliance with our actions.

We advocate for a model of sustainable tourism

Therefore, we carry out various actions within our hotel operations:

Environmental area

Environmental sustainability involves evaluating our impact on natural ecosystems while adopting practices that minimize negative environmental impact and even aim to compensate for it until achieving a positive impact.
Water reduction systems in all our faucets and cisterns
Aerothermal systems for air conditioning and hot water
Pools without chlorine or chemicals
Ice in drinks on request
Low-consumption equipment for air conditioning
Elimination of tablecloths in restaurants to reduce water consumption
Freeze-dried plants with drip irrigation

Chargers for electric cars

Containers for selective waste separation
Reduction of single-use items
Picnic materials and straws made from more sustainable and biodegradable materials
More than 80 photovoltaic panels
We prioritize digitalization, reduce printing, and use recycled paper
We change towels every 2 days and sheets once a week
Reduction of single-use plastics in our new soap systems for rooms
Vegan and natural Spa products
Selection of local and seasonal suppliers
Free bicycles
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Social area

Social sustainability; we address issues ranging from empathy to promoting dignified employment, emotional well-being, reducing inequalities, and combating exclusion.
Policies in favor of job insertion
Promotion of effective equality
Fair wages

Family reconciliation policies

Collaboration with social entities like Caritas
Collaboration with the SOC (Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya)
Collaboration with institutions such as the Calella City Council or Next Diversity and Business

Collaboration with local activities

Interaction with customers, suppliers, and locals from Calella

Pet friendly

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility
Offering healthy food options for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and free from all types of allergens
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Governance area

At the hotel, we focus good governance on actions and processes to preserve its family-oriented character, allowing us to detect any sign of corruption and eliminate it. Additionally, we allocate specific economic resources to continuously improve our sustainability level, such as providing ongoing training for our employees, promoting the purchase of local products to boost the local economy, and implementing various specific protocols for our staff.

Equality plan

Welcome plan for new joiners

Promotion of local employment

Affordable access to the hotel’s internal policies

Internal trainings

Surveys for customers and employees

Specific sustainability department

Measurement and innovation to continuously improve the hotel’s sustainability level
Improvement of technologies and automated processes
Monitoring and oversight to prevent any type of corruption
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Committed to the environment

A model based on social and ecological responsibility, recognized as one of the best sustainable hotels in Spain.

Certification that recognizes our work in favor of the environment.

Recognition of our work in promoting labor inclusion and effective equality.

Award for the best sustainability and hotel rehabilitation project carried out in Spain.

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