Sustainable hotel in Calella

Sustainable hotel in Calella

Committed to the environment

At Neptuno Hotel & Spa we have been a benchmark for sustainability in Calella for more than 30 years. A model based on social and ecological responsibility, being recognised as one of the best ecological hotels in Spain.

Biosphere Certificate

Sustainable guarantee seal in recognition of our work and commitment to the environment.

Re Think Hotel

Re Think Hotel Award for the best sustainability and hotel refurbishment project carried out in Spain.

We are committed to a sustainable tourism model

Discover our sustainable project and the actions we take to reduce our ecological footprint.

Sustainable energy

Energy efficiency

We aim to reduce our energy consumption through various sustainable actions focused on reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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Green energy
Green energy 100% renewable.
Energy-saving equipment, control and automation of installations and warm colours.
Charging stations
Charging stations for electric cars.
Photovoltaic panels
More than 80 photovoltaic panels.
Water saving

Water management

We implement water treatment solutions with the aim of reducing water consumption and improving water management for sustainable development in the hotel.

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Aerothermal system
Aerothermal systems for more efficient and sustainable domestic hot water and air-conditioning
Chlorine-free pools
Pools without chlorine or added chemicals
Water sources
Plastic-free km0 water fountains
Drip irrigation
Automatic drip irrigation and timer programming
Sustainable cleaning service
Option to reduce our cleaning service to conserve water, energy and other resources.
Sustainable consumption

Responsible consumption

We promote the reduction of our environmental impact through the implementation of good practices for sustainable development. This allows us to raise awareness among both our employees and our customers.

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Zero waste
Zero waste project in our gastronomic spaces
Recycled paper
Recycled paper and reduction of printed paper
Soap dispensers
Soap dispensers and plastic format amenities reducers
Request for change of bed linen
Implementation of a sustainable system for changing towels and sheets on request.
Sustainable suppliers
Selection of more sustainable suppliers with approved certification
Local products
Local products with local and seasonal produce
Reduction of plastics
Reduction of single-use plastics and promotion of compostable or more than single-use plastics
Social commitment

Social commitment

We are committed to the social rights of our workers and actively collaborate with various non-profit associations and governmental entities to ensure the success of our social project.

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Work integration and family reconciliation
Labour insertion with fair wage policies and decent working conditions for family reconciliation.
We collaborate with the Caritas Foundation to improve people's living conditions with various donations of bedding, furniture and other materials provided by the hotel.
Collaboration with the Servei d'OcupaciĆ³ de Catalunya (SOC) for the recruitment of people at risk of social exclusion.
Calella Town Council
Collaboration with Calella Town Council for the recruitment of people at risk of social exclusion.
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