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Hotel commited to sustainable standards

Thirty years ago at Hotel Neptuno we were pioneers in our town in implementing solar panels. Our sustainable tourism model based on social and ecological responsibility led us three years ago to stablish a commitment to Biosphere sustainability. Now, our goal is to meet the current needs of our customers, without compromising future generations. In this sense, we reward our commited guests through gifts and prizes for those who refuse the cleaning services.

Energy saving

We guarantee energy saving in lighting and optimize energy consumption as we have motion sensors and LED lights.

Water efficiency

We work for water efficiency. One of the many examples is saving water in bathrooms thanks to the flow regulation device in toilets.

Returnable and/or refillable packaging

We prioritize the consumption of products in a returnable and / or refillable packaging.

Recycling and daily delivery

We properly differentiate organic waste from cardboard, plastic and glass, and we deliver it daily to a company dedicated to recycling.

Bycicle as a transport

As a mean of transport already at destination, the use of bicycles as a means of low environmental impact is prioritized.

Respectful attitude

We offer sustainable touristic resources such as local routes, daytrips and others to the visitor in order to act in a responsible and committed way to the environment.

Visual impact

Our facilities cause minimal visual impact on the Calella landscape.

Native flora and drip irrigation

We have vertical gardens with native flowers and drip irrigation.

Culture-specific decoration

The decoration of our facilities is typical of the are culture.

Local wines and food

We offer wines and local meals available in our gastronomic package.

At Hotel Neptuno & Apartments security has always been our priority. And now, with the recent worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we are more concerned than ever about the health and well-being of our customers and employees.

It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent the spread and contain the Covid-19 virus, and given the recent actions taken by various countries and governments in response to this international health emergency, as well as the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the protocol of the local authorities in the countries in which we operate, at Hotel Neptuno & Apartments we have decided to open the hotel with a limited capacity of 60% in order to guarantee social distancing measures. *Apartments work normally.

Our measures against covid-19