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Relax and disconnection in Calella

¡2021 UPDATE!

Visit our brand new wellness area. A space where you can enjoy the best facilities, including two indoor pools, (one cold and one heated with Jacuzzi), waterfall area with integrated sun loungers and a water volcano. It is equipped with sun loungers, sauna, hammam, sensations shower with aromatherapy and chromotherapy, tea and fruit area, double massage room (on request), a changing rooms and lockers.

*Exclusive for over 18 years.

  • Schedule

    15:00h - 20:00h (wednesday closed)

  • Massages

    Let the relaxing hands of our wellness professionals take care of you. With ecological and sustainable origin oils.

  • Facilities

    60 'circuit: Finnish sauna, steam bath (Hammam), bithermal shower, ice fountain, hot and cold water pool, and a relaxation area with fruit and tea.

  • Shiatsu (55') 60€

    Japanese therapeutic massage, with fists pressure, hands and stretches, helps the body to find its own balance at an energetic, emotional, hormonal and physical level.

  • Tuina (55') 60€

    Chinese therapeutic massage that uses pressure, mobilization and stretching to help the body find well-being.

  • Asian combination (50') 55€

    Shiatsu and Tuina with a foot massage at the end of the treatment.

  • Ayurveda (55') 60€

    Relaxing and refreshing massage from India. Preventive treatment with gentle but deep movements to stimulate the lymphatic system of the entire body.

  • Lymphatic drainage (60') 60€

    Gentle massage (therapeutic) to drain the lymphatic vessels, helper to eliminate skin blockages and excess fat. For circulatory problems, fluid retention and tired legs.

  • Anti-stress (50') 55€

    Gentle body massage with organic and essential oils of organic origin.

  • Physiotherapy session (55') 60€

    Previous assessment, manual techniques and special therapies.

  • Back relaxer (45') 50€

    Deep massage with a combination of special therapies to relax your back from possible contractures.

  • Sports massage (55') 60€

    Indicated for before or after exercising. A personalized massage on the cervical, lumbar, dorsal, legs...

  • Legs unloading (45') 50€

    Energetic techniques and special therapies by means of a circulatory massage to relax tired legs.

  • Total relaxation (60') 50€

    Completely disconnect with the relaxing massage of the whole body. Without applying hand pressure and with calm music.

  • Shiroabhyanga + facial (30') 30€

    Ayurvedic head massage.

  • Foot reflexology (45') 50€

    Relax and regulation of the whole body working on the reflex points of the feet. It discharges tired and punished feet, and favors the balance of the body.

  • Massage with pindas (60') 40€

    Ayurvedic body massage with small cotton bags full of spices, natural herbs and essences.

  • Neurosedative massage (60') 40€

    Full body massage with emphasis on the back, neck and head, where tensions accumulate. Scents, colors, gems and music are used as therapy.

  • Full FAC (65') 70€

    Firming, Anti-cellulite and Circulatory Massage of the entire body.

  • Purifying and nourishing (65') 70€

    Body peeling and foot or face massage. Eliminates dead cells and nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft, flexible and luminous.

  • Japanese facial (50') 60€

    Facelift without surgery. Drains, tones and activates circulation, making cells regenerate faster. Decreases wrinkles and delays aging.

  • Japanese facial + Chan’Beauté (50') 65€

    Therapeutic aesthetics combined with a Japanese facial. Cleans, exfoliates and hydrates with a fresh, ecological and sustainable cosmetic.

  • Facial with cleaning and massage (45') 30€

    Facial cleansing with deep hydration, mask and massage based on sesame oil, moisturizing, decongestant, emollient and rejuvenating.

  • Senses massage (50') 60€

    Exfoliation and nourishing or detoxifying facial mask with facial and foot massage.

  • Purifying and nourishing treatment (65') 70€

    Body scrub with sea salt to cleanse and prepare the skin for better absorption of nutrients. Then, marine mud wrap rich in minerals and trace elements. Foot massage at the end.

  • Relax with chocolate (70') 80€

    Pleasant exfoliating massage with chocolate cream. Followed by a chocolate wrap and facial or foot massage. Product used: Germain de Capuccini.

  • Beauty ritual (60') 70€

    Exfoliation of the skin with a mixture of lavender salt and almond oil to leave it soft and silky. Pleasant massage with sapphire and diamond gemstone gel with a luminous, hydrating and antioxidant effect. Product used: Utsukusy (AmatErasu).



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