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COVID-19 measures

All measures will be updated based on government recommendations.

For more information you can contact or Whatsapp.


  • Hand hygiene, frequent washing with soap and water.
  • Hand sanitizer in common areas.
  • Use of mask in common areas.
  • Safety distance between people.

General measures


  1. Trained and updated staff regarding Covid-19 measures.
  2. Personnel equipped with new protective equipment at each shift.
  3. Reduced capacity in common areas.
  4. Paper dispenser in common toilettes.
  5. Increased cleaning and disinfection measures.
  6. Elevators only stop at the floor where the button has been pressed.
  7. Properly separated furniture in pools and terrace.
  8. Preventive advice posters in risky areas.
  9. Disinfectant gel at different points of the hotel.
  10. Evening shows have been cancelled until further notice.
  11. Mini club, gym and sauna will remain closed.
  12. Clean uniforms at each shift (+60º).

Food and beverage


  1. Reduced number of tables in Buffet and bar.
  2. Limited dining capacity.
  3. Continuously sanitized Buffet and table cleaning after each use.
  4. Expansion of individual formats in the Buffet.
  5. Assisted buffet in order to avoid unnecessary food manipulation.
  6. Individually disinfected fruit and vegetables.
  7. Safety distance marking in frequented areas.
  8. Single doses of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
  9. Drink list available via QR code and disinfection of the physical charts after each use.
  10. Temperature control of dishwasher equipments (>80º).



  1. 60ºC clothing treatment using disinfectant products.
  2. Room cleaning when customer is away.
  3. Possibility to refuse the cleaning of the room during the stay.
  4. Use of viricidal, bactericidal and fungicide products at each cleaning.
  5. Reduction of the number of rooms per waitress.
  6. Reinforced cleaning protocol and special attention to high-contact elements.
  7. Ventilation time increasement during the cleaning process.
  8. Elimination of non-essential documents and information. Increasement of digital format documentation.
  9. TV controller will be inside a new bag for each customer.
  10. Separate bag use for dirty clothes, in order to avoid contact with clean clothes.
  11. Removal of decorative elements (cushions, plaids, carpets).
  12. Sanitizing gel and masks as courtesy amenities.
  13. Separate elevator for staff.



  1. Marked safety distances.
  2. Han sanitizer on the reception desk.
  3. Disinfected customer-contact materials (cards, pens…).
  4. Automatic and contactless check-in (mobile online).
  5. Special box for key collection.
  6. Individually disinfected room opening cards.
  7. Basic prevention information, usage rules, online timetables and online invoices (if the customer asks for it).

Calella's Beaches


  1. User control via wifi network.
  2. Control Staff.
  3. Megaphone information and tips.
  4. Guaranteed minimum safety distance of 2 meters.
  5. Groups of less than 15 people permitted.
  6. Beach divided in 12 zones of 150 meters each.
  7. Cleaning and disinfection of public facilities (showers, baths...).

At Hotel Neptuno & Apartments security has always been our priority. And now, with the recent worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we are more concerned than ever about the health and well-being of our customers and employees.

It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent the spread and contain the Covid-19 virus, and given the recent actions taken by various countries and governments in response to this international health emergency, as well as the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the protocol of the local authorities in the countries in which we operate, at Hotel Neptuno & Apartments we have decided to open the hotel with a limited capacity of 60% in order to guarantee social distancing measures. *Apartments work normally.

Our measures against covid-19